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Hmmm, that keyboard, I've seen it before...
Morphologically speaking, a horse hoof is just one big finger...

I think this animation is pretty awesome to be a first cartoon. The pacing never feels too slow, the blood, bullets, and debris never feels like it was half-baked, the camera isn't sickening like some cartoons and collab pieces from 2018 The only real issue that I can articulate is that some motions are too fast or sudden to appreciate, like Hank throwing a knife at a Soldat. The fact that there's not many specific things I can say are bad are signs you're doing a lot right.


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Holy hell I love the transition there.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


This is amazing. I fcuking love it.

It really has the same intensity and feeling of a hurricane. But it feels a little repetitive, maybe that's just me.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks. This was spontaneous, so it's not my best work, only so much I could come with today. Thanks though!

It gives off the tone and vibe of a song from Infamous: Second Son's soundtrack in some parts, and that is why I love this thing in particular. The song of the subject is called Alibi, by Brain. but with that said, it feels like it's jumping between tempos and tones constantly and seems a little repetitive.

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These people exist, you know.

I didn't know one could be vored twice at once!

Anyways, I think your shading needs a bit more contrast and might need more careful consideration. Right now, just about every part of the ponies' bodies is at least moderately lit, with the exception of the left-pony's hair. This implies there's several lights all around, or very bright lights obstructed by lampshades, but most of the highlights around Nova imply that the light source is the soul. It's hard to know which and how many lights are in the scene. Also, being directly lit by lights, as opposed to light bouncing off of walls or being obstructed by lampshades, it usually sharpens the points between light and dark. If the soul is the only light source, and even if it's not, the light it produces should look a lot more like cel-shading, with a rather sharp falloff between what it illuminates and it's shadows; In other words, soul-light probably shouldn't be depicted in gradients.

With all that said, props to you for so consistently shading all of your artwork! Excellence is a habit, and there's something excellent about consistently shading everything.

This isn't helping my toothache.

Equine and Eldritch both start with "E"

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