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Fall Creative Jam Days 2 and 3

Posted by Gagangrene - November 21st, 2019

End result

Here's what the fun box looked like in the end:



We got 3rd place.

Unfortunately this kinda felt like an end-of-the-year-post-finals school project, made with no passion or even a feeling of consequence. Despite 3rd place, I'm not particularly proud of it.

Day 2:

I walked into our room, and was immediately greeted with the scent and sight of acrylic paint. FINALLY: Something to do. We spent three hours of the day decorating the box. I painted the toothy maw and the mosquito. There wasn't any considerable substance to this day, though I learned why we paint acrylic on canvas and not cardboard: It has a tendency to flake off smooth surfaces. Also yellow and purple mix into a nice crimson color that you can see a bit on the outer edge of the maw, but I couldn't make it very bright because of the aforementioned limitations of cardboard and acrylic.


Also, I didn't make it, but I do think the shark is pretty.

While this day was the most enjoyable for me, We ended it with a problem: We still had nothing to put in the box. I took it upon myself to tape some thread tightly around the insides of the spider segment at the end of the day, and the rest of the group members said they would bring gummy worms and grapefruits tomorrow, and the day was over then.

Day 3:

Dawn of the final day

My team members did in fact bring a Grapefruit, PAM cooking oil spray, Silly String, Gummy Bears, and a stress ball. Your mind will refuse to imagine the scent of them all together. I didn't really do anything involving the mystery materials, or closing the box up once they were inside.

Instead, there was a less gross issue that wasn't being dealt with: We couldn't be with the box to present it, so we needed a little printed document near the box to make absolutely sure people would stick their hands into the box. They said I should make it in Google Docs. These are graphic design students? Telling me to work in Google Docs? So I walked over to the nearest 2k dollar computer and made a single page informing students to reach into the box with their sleeves rolled up and to wash their hands after. I printed it, and that was the end of things. There was nothing else to do, or at least that's what the group communicated. I spent another half an hour to myself, typing this up. Also Newgrounds, I love you, but please don't save blogs but then erase everything when I have an image in it. Again, we got 3rd place. Wooooo.